Why I specialise in photographing dogs


Above is an image of me and my dog Dandy, my inspiration.  I soon realised that photographing someone with their much loved dog goes well beyond being just an image.  Although the quality of that image is important, it also needs to capture the feeling, the relationship, that something special.  For me the above image, taken with the help of my husband Derek, captures the bond I have with Dandy.  When I look at it, it makes me smile, I'm back running in the field with her, and my heart swells with how much she means to me.  This is what I aim to capture for other people.  It goes beyond pixels and words, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Ann Stebbing

Professional Photographer
I've always had a love of photography and sought to constantly improve. It's a vast subject that no-one will ever learn completely and of course like all forms of art and representation it's subjective. Since turning professional, I have narrowed my field down to where my heart is, with dogs and all that they can bring to our lives. I have trained with some of this countries top professionals and organisations. There is always another way to do things and I feel that learning from several different sources you finally come up with something that is unique to you. Looking at other peoples work opens my eyes to see things from a different angle.  It keeps things interesting and my mind looking for new opportunities.
Technology is moving very fast and with each new camera that comes out there are new possibilities. Working outside in the Great British weather, often with fast moving subjects means that I demand a lot from my cameras. Both are weather proof, which is really an essential, because some things you just can't put off to another day and just need to get on with it.  
After the shoot is done there is still a lot to do. Editing is more than just pulling out the best shots. It's about seeing the potential in an image and making it the best it can be. Removing and toning down small distractions that can't be avoided in situ, making sure that when you and other people see it, it's you and your dog that stand out. It's choosing what the story is and making sure that story is told.


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