With Christmas just around the corner, my mother had made a number of suggestions that she would really like some lovely photographs taken of her daughter, namely me, as it would appear that I had managed to avoid a camera lens at all odds for the period of my entire life! I thought that now was as good a time as any to take up the challenge and wanting to fulfil my mother’s wish I set out trawling through a number of websites until I finally came across what I was looking for. A photographer named Ann Stebbing who I thought could capture a little of the essence of what was important to me, namely the great British Countryside and my rather untrainable hound named Hamish, my German Wirehaired Pointer.

Throughout the entire process Ann managed to capture some truly wonderful shots of us both and my mother, (not a woman who was easily pleased) was “delighted” at the outcome and they now sit beautifully framed in her lounge amongst a selection of the family portraits. Ours however seem far more magnificent!

Thank you Ann – wonderful job!

Vicky & Hamish

I have been lucky enough to have 2 photo sessions with Ann and my dog in different settings. The first was him running in a field and Ann went to great lengths to get the best photos even sitting on the ground whilst I threw a ball in her direction which was closely followed by 42kg of my dog hurtling towards her!. The photos are superb, the movemebt in his fur and being a black dog often the eyes do not show but they are fantastic. The second was in a woodland setting with him getting a bit mucky and this time it saw Ann standing in a muddy ditch trying to get him in and muddy for the photos. The detail in each photo is just fantastic. Ann goes to great lengths for the perfect photo and she achieves them.

Janet & Shadow

We received our photographic session with Ann as a 40th Wedding Anniversary present.

We made a date to meet up with our 2 dogs and Ann over our local Nature Reserve. On the day, we were very impressed as Ann said she had been there the day before to check out the best places to take photos. Ann was very relaxed with us and the dogs, putting us all at ease.

We were very pleased with the resulting proofs. Some superb action shots, such that it was not easy to pick out what we wanted. We settled for one of the 4 of us together and one each of the dogs.

This was rather poignant as our GSP died later that year and we have a beautiful photo to remember her by.

Chris & Barry Curd


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