Building a friendship one click at a time - clicker training


Clicker training is a brilliant way to help promote the behaviours you would like in your dog but it's so much more.  It strengthens the bond you have with your dog as you'll be working together as a team.  It keeps things interesting while you teach them the things that matter for safety like a good recall, useful things like where's Mummy's slippers (didn't mean to get called Mummy it just happened) or the plain and simple fun things like wave and twist round and reverse to between my feet.  It's always done using positive rewards (which doesn't have to be food) and it's fun.  Put simply a clicker is a devise to mark a point in time, a kind of photograph of that moment, so that you can tell your dog the moment they've worked out what you're asking them to do.  It's so simple, yet requires consistent practice and team work to perfect.  Have a go, it's so rewarding and with a little imagination the sky's the limit.


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